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January 30, 2000

It has now been two days since I first called my birthmother.  I am overwhelmed at the response.  When I first called, I had hoped that I might be able to talk to my birthmom and my sister, I had no idea how much my call would be welcomed by all the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and children related to this wonderful family.

                                                                                         Shorty (Anita's Husband)  Butch (my Brother) Anita

                        Sally (my sister)

I have now received several E-mails from Anita's sisters expressing how happy they are that I have finally searched and found them, I have received phone calls from a brother in Washington State, and an aunt in Arkansas.  I can no longer keep track of all those who are calling and writing me.

                                                                                                   3 of Anita's Sisters

I can hardly wait to see the photo's that are coming to me from long-lost relatives that are scattered around the country.

My daughter made the comment this morning that now she has 3 Grandmas, two Grandpas, and so many Aunts, Uncles and cousins that she can't count them all!

My wife, my daughter and my son are all behind my decision to search and find my past, as we are a family and my heritage is also their heritage.

So as the Emails continue to come in, and the phone continues to ring, I look forward to each new communication with anticipation.

February 6, 2000

For over a week now I have enjoyed may emails and phone calls from people that I have been related to since birth but have never known.  It is impossible to describe how strange and fantastic this experience is.

I have now talked with my birthmother several times, and each time is better than the first. I have talked with several of her sisters, and also both of my sisters. I have chatted with brothers and even a cousin that was also adopted, and just found his birthfamily just last year.

I hope and pray that these pages and this story that I have posted will help someone else to overcome their fear of what might happen, and find those people that they are searching for.  Make that phone call that you are scared to make!  You have no idea of what will happen when that voice answers the phone on the other end!  I understand that you have fears, but you may be the answer to someone elses prayers!

That voice inside you telling you to call......listen to it.