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One day while browsing one of the many registries that I had posted my adoption information on I accidentally came across a posting by someone who was looking for two twin boys that were born in Lewiston Maine. I recognized both the birthdate and the birth names that they listed as being those of my two younger brothers, Matthew and Martin.

I emailed the person who had made the posting, and indeed it turned out to be my brothers younger birth brother Paul, who had also been given up for adoption as a baby!  Paul and his wife Becky had also previously found an older sister Vickie!  They had all been hoping to find my brothers eventually.

Needless to say, my brother Matt was a bit suprized that evening when I called him, gave him Pauls name and phone number and said "now go call your brother!".  At that point Matt did not even know that he had any brothers or sisters other than his twin Marty!

Well, they have all had some phone conversations now, and they all are happy to have found each other. Here are a few photos of Matt & Marty growing up for his new found brothers and sisters to see, as well as photo's of their new found brothers and sisters!

Matt & Marty's Photos

Paul & Becky's Photos

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