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June 28, 2000

As our flight landed in Portland Maine, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we could see it glimmer across the Atlantic Ocean as we approached the Airport.   Since we were not expecting any suprises at the Airport, we took our time and were the last ones off the plane.  We walked across the tarmac and up the flight of stairs into the airport.  As we climbed the stairs I started hearing someone calling my name........

I could not believe it!  My sister Rhonda and her kids Michael, Anita & Leanna along with Aunt Ginny met us at the Airport!

We picked up our rental car, then headed over to Ginny's house for lunch....mmmmmm free food......

After lunch, we packed Rhonda and her family into our rental van, and the 8 of us headed for Bar Harbor, where we would spend the next few days sight seeing and getting to know each other.

Bar Harbor is famous for Whale Watching, Shopping, Acadia National Park.  I can't wait to go back and spend more time there.

Frenchmans Bay from Cadillac Mountain

"Summer Cottages" from Bar Island

Frenchmans Bay from Bar Harbor Pier

"Margarett Todd" from Bar Harbor Pier

Mark & Rhonda on Bar Harbor Pier

Rhonda on top of a hill above Sand Beach


Ali & Leanna on Sand beach,  Ali in front of "The Bubbles", Sand Beach from the top of the bluff


2 Finback Whales, about 25 miles off the coast


Several days after our fun in the sun, fog and rain of Bar Harbor, we all headed for Winterport to meet the rest of the family for the first time.

Special thanks to Ginny for organizing and putting together a wonderful reunion party!

1st Family Reunion Pictures  July 3, 2000

Ann & Becky


Group Shot

Group Shot

Group Shot

Laura, Ellery, Mark, Betty, Terry

Mark, Terry, Ellery

Laura, Ellery, Mark, Anita

First time Anita gets to hold Mark on her lap

Anita, Mark

Mark, Terry

Michael, MJ

Ali, MJ

Rhonda, Umm I forgot....