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Time to say goodbye

Around the first of October, 2001 I received a call that Anita was back in the hospital. Somehow Rhonda and I knew that this was not the same as previous visits. Rhonda and I caught planes and met in Boston on October 6th. We made our way up to Blue Hill Maine for our last visit with Anita. She was tired and drawn, but happy to see both of us, as well as several of her sisters and brothers that had made the trip.

She was too tired for visits of more than just a few minutes at a time, but it was worth the trip. Emphyzima from smoking will do very nasty things to your body and your mind.

Anita died October 12, 2001, a few days after we all left for home.







I am thankful that I was able to find Anita, Rhonda, Sally, Butch, Ellery, Terry, Forest, Shorty, and the dozens of others that have welcomed me as part of the family. I look forward to seeing each of them again, or for the first time.