My Sister Rhonda Calls me....

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January 28, 2000

5:00  pm

Wandering around the house, looking in drawers, nooks and crannies for photographs, I hear th phone ring.  Not thinking twice, I pick up the reciever and say 'Hello', there is the crackling of a cell phone on the other end, and a womans voice says (very excitedly) 'Is Mark there?', in an instant I knew who it was that was calling, 'Yes, this is Mark.....'

'This is Rhonda!!' an excited voice on the other end says..

'Rhonda! Hi! I am glad you called...'

                                                                    Barbara   Rhonda (sis)   Jenny     Mike    Mom
(In March my brother Mike, his wife Barbara their daughter Jenny and my A-mom went to Disneyland, while there they had the opportunity to meet my Sister Rhonda!)

Rhonda had just received a call from her mother (Anita), who told her of our call earlier, Rhonda was so excited to talk to me that she didn't even wait to get home to call, she called me from her cell phone in the car.  We talked for about 1/2 hour, about everything and anything, We were both so excited that we were talking a million miles a second.  When Rhonda finally got home, I told her I would call her back on a land line in a few minutes, so we both hung up and took a deep breath.

I called her back about 5 minutes later, we had both caught our breath, and slowed down just a litte, so we spent the next two hours talking, about our lives, our families, our history, and even about what might lie in our future.

I now not only have an older sister, but somebody that I think I will become good friends with as time goes by. So much of our personalities seems to click, we seem to hit it off right off the bat. I cant explain how much it means to me, talking with her and knowing that she wants to meet me as much as I want to meet her. I have never been to Orlando, but I am sure that we will be planning a trip there in the near future.

I doubt that there will be any sleep in my future tonight, my mind is racing too much. I have promised Rhonda that I will Email her photos, my address and also the address of this web site, so I better get started.  I cant wait to see pictures of my sister and her family!

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